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Senior John Mitchell Named Mr. Holy Innocents'
Senior John Mitchell Named Mr. Holy Innocents'
The Third Annual Mr. Holy Innocents' Pageant featured talented contestants from all Upper School grades, but it all came down to who possessed "...the qualities most befitting a representative of Holy Innocents'." One by one, the disappointed contenders dropped from the running, their long-stemmed roses clipped by co-host Jennie Hardin, leaving senior John Mitchell to claim the title with senior Stephen Burns as runner-up.

Judging was based on the participants' responses to interview questions, who looked best in a cheap evening gown and talent. Each candidate submitted a video clip introducing themselves; these were skillfully edited together by film buff senior Neil Kimball and projected at the start of the show, to the great delight of the large audience of students, faculty and parents.

John appears to have won over the judges with a combination of approachability and musical talent, manifested by his roaming the audience in an orange mesh shirt, while crooning the lyrics of a popular song. Of course, it probably helped that he is also the senior class and Mu Alpha Theta treasurer, a member of the football team and captain of the lacrosse team.

Stephen Burns has long been recognized at HIES as a musician of ever-increasing talent. His poised, melodious delivery of an original song made that very clear. Or, perhaps it was the glittering gold dress he wore for the evening gown judging that earned him the 2nd place trophy.

Other highlights of the evening included a dance number by freshman Sarah Venable and senior class president Alex Herzog, who sported the large yellow initials "HI" taped to his rear.

Sponsored by NHS, the contest reaped $645 in ticket sales to benefit the National Honor Society Scholarship Fund.

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