Vol. VI Issue 4
BearTracks 8-20-09
Raise the Bar While Raising Funds
Raise the Bar While Raising Funds
To quote Innisbrook Wraps, "wrapping paper lives a short (but beautiful) life," and you need not feel guilty about your paper purchases as all wraps are printed on post-consumer recycled papers. You can check out Innisbrook's green commitment when you go to their website, www.innisbrook.com, to place your orders.

The EZ ordering system allows you to register your family under one email with up to four student registrations. You can place one order and assign prize credit to your students at checkout. Innisbrook also has an easy email system to send messages to far away friends and family asking for their support of the HIES Innisbrook Wraps Fundraising program. Take advantage of these quick and easy programs to help HIES earn 50% of all sales!

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hatfield at JenniferLhatfield@hotmail.com.