Vol. VI Issue 10
BearTracks 10-02-09
Minty Fresh Explosion
Minty Fresh Explosion

This summer with Terri Potter's permission, and to help get our 50th anniversary year off to an “explosive” start, my wife, Ann, and I have prepared 430 nozzles and connectors for each and every one of the students in the entire Lower School. On Friday, Oct. 9th at 1:45, we will be creating history by shooting off 430 Diet Cokes (that is close to 900 liters) within a few short minutes. We are going to need your help to pull this off.


The school provides:

• A drilled nozzle tube, a drilled connector, a holding pin, and a pair of safety goggles for each student.


What we need for you to provide for your child:

• A 2-liter plastic bottle of DIET COKE

• A package of Mint flavored Mentos candy


The Coke should be ONLY DIET COKE.... no other brand will work. It must also be 2 Liters. Please do not take off the sealing ring that holds the cap on... that will be removed by us at school. The cap should be tightly secured.


The candy should be easy to find. Ann has alerted Publix, Kroger and CVS near school to over-stock and we also think the bookstore here at school is going to have some as well.


As soon as you have the items listed above, please have your child bring them to school, WELL BEFORE Oct. 9. They will be stored in the children's homeroom until the big day.


Last, but not least, come see the show ON THE SOUTH CAMPUS FIELD and be prepared to drive home some smiiling wet children hugging Diet Coke bottles. Please stress to the children that they are not to eat the candy out of the bottle (one could slip down their throat) but to wait until they get home to "shake" the candy out and eat it carefully.


Thank you for your cooperation in this giant, once-in-a-lifetime, never-before-performed event. Isn’t science great?!?


Bobby Fay,

Lower School Science Lab Teacher