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  • HI Flyers

    At HI Flyers, we recognize and appreciate the fact that your children have spent their day in a structured environment. That is why we are pleased to offer a relaxed and fun environment for the students of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School.
    • HI Flyers is open from 12:00pm-6:00pm and coordinates closings in accordance to the school calendar. Please note that HI Flyers is closed on noon dismissals.
    • Our program is available for Pre-K 3 to Fifth-grade HIES students.
    • We provide time for our students to engage in age appropriate activities such as art projects, “Creative Expressions,” outdoor free play as well as organized games, structured indoor games, puzzles and books.
    • We also provide a time and space for students to work on homework as specified by their parents. Our well-trained and talented staff provides a variety of knowledge and experience that enhances our program.
    • At HI Flyers, students may be registered to be a Regular Attendee or a Drop-In student.
    • The drop in program is based on availability and a 24 hours notice is required. 
    • We understand that some school holidays will coincide with your child’s HI Flyers schedule.  If so, we cannot allow make-up days.
    • Rates are found on the registration forms or in our brochure, both of which can be downloaded from the website.
    • Regular Attendees are billed once a month. Drop-in fees are also included in the monthly HIES bill.
    • The registration form must be filled out completely and turned in with an $80.00 registration fee, made out to HIES in order to activate the registration process.
    • Completed Registration Forms may be turned in to the Primary School desk, the Lower School, or submitted online.
    • Enrollment is ongoing throughout the school year.
    • Students are registered on a first come, first serve basis.
    • We thank you for your interest in our program and welcome any questions or concerns contact:
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  • Middle School Bear Den


    This supervised study hall will take place every full day that school is in session. Your student will have time to work on homework, study for tests, and plan for projects. For more information or to obtain a registration form for this program only, please go on the parent MY GROUPS>Parent page on our website or contact Barbara Klein or Maureen Danzig.
  • STEP HI: Students Taking Extracurricular Programs at Holy Innocents’

    The objective of STEP HI is to offer cost-effective programs to enrich Holy Innocents’ students in the areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics with the goal of providing an opportunity for every student to be an active participant in the Holy Innocents’ communit
    The objective of STEP HI is to offer cost-effective programs to enrich Holy Innocents’ students in the areas of academics, fine arts, and athletics with the goal of providing an opportunity for every student to be an active participant in the Holy Innocents’ community.  

    Prior to each quarter (fall, winter, and spring), a packet of course offerings is distributed in the all school mailing, posted on the web site, and displayed in all divisions.  Registration forms and Parent Policies accompany the packet and parents receive confirmation by email or phone.  Registration is based on a first come, first serve basis.  Instructors set age or grade appropriate guidelines for their course, as well as minimum and maximum number of students per course.  In the event that the class does not reach the minimum enrollment, the instructor can cancel his or her class.

    Please contact Barbara Klein at, or (404) 303-2150 ext. 848.
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  • Summer Connection

    SUMMER CONNECTION includes extensive programming in ACADEMICS, ATHLETICS, AND FINE ARTS. There's something for everyone!
    SUMMER CONNECTION includes extensive programming in ACADEMICS, ATHLETICS, AND FINE ARTS. There's something for everyone!
    BRUSH UP is a three-week program that offers many unique opportunities for supplemental educational assistance to prepare each student (from rising 1st to rising 9th grade) for the upcoming academic year. Each faculty member strives to provide a positive learning experience for every student. Both academic and enrichment classes are structured to be stimulating, informative, and intellectually rewarding. In addition to reading, math/pre-algebra, and algebra, we also offer laptop technology, writing, and Spanish, as well as a summer reading course for rising 6th grade students.
    OUR OTHER ENRICHMENT, ATHLETIC, AND FINE ARTS CAMPS are available to all ages and grades. With so many programs, your student can find a variety of great camps to attend!
    Summer Connection programs are open to everyone - HIES families and non-HIES families. Friends, neighbors, and members of the community are invited to share in the same enriching summer experience that students from 75 different Atlanta-area schools have enjoyed in past years. Let this summer make a difference! 
    Click here now to download a brochure.

    Click here now to download a registration form.

    For more information about Summer Connection at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, please email Barbara Klein, Summer Connection Director, at, or leave her a voice message at (404) 303-2150 ext. 848.
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STEP HI Guidelines:

  1. Lower School instructors are responsible for their students until they are picked up from their assigned site and will be released only to their parents unless prior arrangements have been made between the instructor and the parent.  Parents are responsible for picking up their students promptly at dismissal time.  Failure to do so could lead to dismissal from the program.  Middle and Upper School students will be dismissed at the end of the session and should be picked up in front of the Middle/Upper School.
  2. The $10 registration fee per course (which is modified for a less expensive program) is nonrefundable except in the event of a cancellation of a class by an instructor.
  3. A supply fee, if applicable, will be charged separately.
  4. No refunds will be given for missed classes during a course offering period.  If an instructor is notified ahead of time, a prorated fee may be offered.  Makeup sessions will be left to the discretion of the instructor.
  5. If the parent chooses to withdraw his or her student from a course one week prior to the start date, a 90% refund (excluding registration fee) will be given.  A 50% refund (excluding registration fee) will be given three days before the start date.  However, no refunds will be given after this time unless there are extenuating circumstances.


HI Flyers
If you have any additional questions about our program, feel free to contact us either by phone or e-mail.
Scott Stevens
Director of Auxiliary Programs
(404) 303-2150 ext 324

Barbara Klein 
STEP HI Director
(404) 303-2150 ext 992

Summer Connection
Barbara Klein
Summer Connection Director
(404) 303-2150 ext. 848

HI Flyers: Frequently Asked Questions

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • I have sent in my registration forms. Will I be contacted?

    You can rest assured that we will contact          you via email or phone as soon as we receive have received your registration form.  We can be reached by email at or
  • What grades can register for HI Flyers?

    HI Flyers is happy to accept Holy Innocents’ students in Pre-K 3 through Grade 5.
  • What kind of activities do my children participate in daily?

    Our program offers a fun, creative, and active environment for the students of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School. During the day, we engage in a variety of age appropriate activities such as art, new and innovative indoor and outdoor games, and free play time, along with a daily group activity called our Creative Expressions which encompasses activities ranging from science experiments to scavenger hunts. 
  • How are we billed for the HI Flyers program?

    All billing is handled by the bookkeeping department.
    Billing is done monthly and bills are due upon receipt.


    Contact Turea Stewart at
  • Should I send a lunch with my Pre-K 3 student or will they receive a hot lunch?

    The lunch program is available to any child who attends HI Flyers five days a week.  Students who attend HI Flyers less than all five days will bring lunches from home.  Please contact Greg Kaiser, Principal of the Primary School for information regarding the lunch program.  Milk will be provided. Please remember that we are a "peanut aware" school, and therefore encourage parents to make sure their child's lunch does not contain nut products. Please send lunches that do not need to be heated. 
  • Where do I pick up my child?

    • Only authorized persons, 18 years and over, that are listed on your registration form will be allowed to pick up your child.
    • To sign out a Primary School child please go to the HI Flyers desk at the Primary School until 4:15
    • At  4:15 all of the HI Flyer Primary School students will be escorted to the Lower School building and signed out at the Lower School sign out desk.
    • All Lower School children (and Primary School students after 4:15) may be signed out at the HI Flyers reception desk located in the lobby between the 5th and 3rd grade hallways.
    Please be prepared to show your picture I.D. and anyone authorized to pick up your child.  Thank you.
  •  I registered my child for HI Flyers but now I need to change my schedule or cancel. How do I do this?

    Parents may change their schedule for HI Flyers up to 3 times per school year. Schedule changes can only go into effect on the 1st of the month.  There is $25 fee from the billing office for each schedule change after September 1st, however there is no charge for schedule changes relating to Step HI classes. The billing office cannot prorate a child's bill.
  • Is HI Flyers open if the school is closed? 

    HI Flyers is closed when school is closed and has noon dismissal. On days when there are special events at the Primary School, children may get out of school early. On these days HI Flyers is not able to accept students before their regularly scheduled start time.

About HIES

Holy Innocents’ is the largest Episcopal parish day school in the United States, a fully accredited, college-preparatory day school for 3-year-olds through 12th-grade boys and girls.