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Board Leadership

Board of Trustees

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School is a parish-owned day school governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is primarily responsible for:

  1. Ensuring all aspects of the school are consistent with the School Mission;
  2. Developing the school's Strategic Plan;
  3. Ensuring good stewardship of school resources, and;
  4. Overseeing the Head of School, who in turn oversees the operations of the school.
Full board meetings take place monthly during the school year. Trustees serve three-year terms.

Dr. Michael B. Stewart, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Pickens M. Lindsay, Vice Chairman
Mrs. Jolie Maxwell, Secretary
Mr. Neil L. Pruitt Jr., Treasurer
Mr. Paul A. Barton, Head of School

Mrs. Alexandra Allen
Mr. Kevin L. Brown
Mr. David Calhoun
Mr. Chris. M. Carlos
Mr. Robert L Cullens Jr.
Mrs. Helen Donahue
Mr. C. Brandon Downs
Mr. Adam T. Fuller
Mr. John Fuller
Mrs. Heather Henn
Mrs. Leigh S. Jackson
Mr. David Love
Mr. Peter J. Mace
Mr. Ian A. Marshall
Mr. Mike C. McMillen
Mrs. Bonnie T. Meshad
The Rev. Dr. William S. Murray IV
Mrs. Kristin W. Roch
Mr. F. Neal Sumter III
The Rev. C. John Thompson-Quartey
Mrs. Donna T. Toledo

Board of Advisors

The Holy Innocents' Episcopal School Board of Advisors includes former Trustees, alumni, Sandy Springs and/or Atlanta officials, and people with specific expertise relevant to school operations. The Board's role is to serve the Head of School in an advisory capacity.

Mr. David S. Aldridge
Mr. Frank M. Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Alston D. Correll
Mr. Mark Crosswell
Mr. W. Daniel Faulk
Mr. Bruce G. Ford
Mr. David F. Haddow
Mr. James B. Hannan
Mr. William S. Hollett
Mr. Matthew Middelthon
Mr. J. Bart Miller
Mr. Alexander W. Patterson
Mr. Louie A. Pittman
Dr. Missy Rathburn-Stewart
Mr. Clay Rolader
Mr. Jerry Rosenberg
Mr. John W. Spiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Stephens
Mr. Lever F. Stewart
Mr. David P. Stockert
Mrs. Dorothy S. Sullivan