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The Value and Values of

An Episcopal Education

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At Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, we believe that God is present in every person. We strive to respect the dignity of every human being. We value multiple voices and perspectives around all of life's questions, no matter what your family traditions. This intentional welcome, a radically inclusive way of life, is a hallmark of our mission as a Christian community that serves students of all faiths.

Spiritual inquiry and service are key to self-discovery and developing empathy for others. Inclusiveness, compassion, kindness, integrity – these are values that are taught, modeled and instilled across our school life.

As an Episcopal school, we believe intellectual development and moral growth are best nurtured in a vibrant and diverse learning community where close relationships help us understand, appreciate and bridge our differences. 

Our spiritual life is intertwined within the life of the school. From the curriculum and weekly chapels to the many ways in which our sense of service to the world community manifests itself, our faith permeates our community. We share life as one community, together at HIES.

Respectful of all persons and all faith traditions, ours is a uniquely diverse and close community. 
Here, we are many. Here, we are one.

Episcopal Identity
Episcopal Identity
Episcopal Identity
Religion in the Classroom at HIES
Religious Diversity at HIES