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Welcome from Paul Barton

Welcome to Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School! "Welcome" is not a word taken lightly here. We pride ourselves on being a deeply caring, diverse and inclusive community where all are truly welcome. As the proud parent of three HIES students, I know firsthand the benefits and blessings of having your child in a school that recognizes and celebrates the inherent worth and dignity of each and every person.

An HIES education is about much more than academics. Thanks to our school’s plentiful opportunities and an encouraging, supportive faculty, students of all ages learn to take chances and seek out new challenges. They join a variety of clubs, athletic teams, performing arts groups, service organizations and more in order to learn about themselves, explore their talents and discover new interests and passions. Therefore, HIES students aren’t scholars or athletes or artists or servant-leaders; rather, they are all of these things and more. In an age of ever-increasing specialization, we seek to develop Renaissance students, equipped to meet the wide-ranging needs of a complex, interconnected world. 

As a community, we encourage participation in a variety of both academic and interscholastic activities in order to expand each student’s sense of self, purpose and potential, and to foster a spirit of respect and open-mindedness. Our graduates take with them this deep sense of community and go on to build the same sense of community in their own families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

Visit our beautiful campus and find out what it means to be a part of the largest Episcopal parish day school in the country. Ours is a vibrant community of 1,395 students—from PK3 to 12th grade—learning and growing in an environment that is both supportive and challenging. Join us in this journey that is buoyed by passionate and caring teachers and coaches, where differences are embraced and opportunities abound.  


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Paul A. Barton
Head of School

Paul Barton, Head of School

Paul A. Barton