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2022 Awards Presented to Middle School Students

On Friday, May 6, Middle School celebrated the eighth-grade class which will be moving into Upper School next year. Students in each grade were recognized for their academic achievements over the course of this school year. 

World Languages 

 6th Grade American Sign Language: Miller Tabler

 7th Grade American Sign Language: Vanessa Wolka

 8th Grade American Sign Language:  Baxter Kelley

 6th Grade Spanish: Sam Gallant

 7th Grade Beginner Spanish: Alexa Henningsen

 7th Grade Spanish: Mose Murray

 8th Grade Spanish: Brooke Hausmann

 8th Grade Honors Spanish: Catherine Busch

 6th Grade French: Perry Drake

 7th Grade French: Sophia Artigue

 8th Grade French: Myles Jackson

 8th Grade Honors French: Dorothy Lander

 Latin: Ellie Ver Eecke

 6th Grade Computer Science: Lucas Chong

 Computer Science: Ernest Gephardt


 6th Grade Geography: Thomas Dougherty

 7th Grade History: Ria Jain

 7th Grade Honors History: Brooke Benedict

 8th Grade History: Claire Busby

 8th Grade Honors History: Kate George


 6th Grade Science: Eva Connors

 6th Grade Honors Science: Ellison Losin

 7th Grade Science: Annabelle Marshall

 7th Grade Honors Science: Braiden Lynn

 8th Grade Science: Fletcher Witzigreuter

 8th Grade Honors Science: Thomas Miller


6th Grade Math: Cathryn Rose Kolb

6th Grade Honors Math: Andrew Altman

7th Grade Math: Sophie Harkey

 7th Grade Honors: Math Katie Kessell

 8th Grade Math: Stefano Laios

 8th Grade Honors Math: Nicholas McKay

 Pre-Algebra: Macon Core


 6th Grade Girls English: Samantha Hunter

 6th Grade Boys English: Prakhar Saxena

 7th Grade Boys English: Grant Henn

 7th Grade Honors Boys English: Nick Feinberg

 7th Grade Girls English: Sarah Kirkpatrick

 7th Grade Honors Girls English: Scarlett Payne

 8th Grade Boys English: James Carper

 8th Grade Honors Boys English: Gavin Miles

 8th Grade Girls English: Cate Wassenaar

 8th Grade Girls Honors English: Kayden Massih

Performing Arts 

 Keyboarding II: Elizabeth Curtis

 Keyboarding I: Romina Khademi

 Beginning Orchestra: Bella Mattox

 Concert Orchestra: Vanessa Wolka

 Symphonic Orchestra: Jake Hunter

 7th Grade Music Production & Engineering: Carter Bennett

 8th Grade Music Production & Engineering:  Beebe Courts

 Concert Band Woodwinds & Percussion: Jones Gartland

 Concert Band Brass: Houston Hickey

 Symphonic Band: Sarah Shrum

 6th Grade Girls Chorus: Mia Sguilaro

 6th Grade Boys Chorus: Ryan Woods 

 7th Grade Chorus: McVey Peden

 8th Grade Chorus: Harper Crandall


 6th Grade Drama: Lucas Chong 

 7th Grade Drama: Mose Murray

 8th Grade Drama: Patrick Mathis

 3D Modeling and Printing: Collier McMullen

 Sports Marketing and Event Promotions: Olivia Stivers

 6th Grade Bible: Jackson Brown

 7th Grade Bible: Harley Ward

 8th Grade Faith Traditions: Caroline Tucker

 6th Grade Art: Sophia Meszaros

 7th Grade Art: Camilla Tuman

 8th Grade Art: Emma Smith

 Advanced Art: Carder Hutchinson

 Speech: Myles Jackson

 Leadership Seminar: Sarah Shrum

 6th Grade Girls PE: Molly Spector

 6th Grade Boys PE: Brody Fernandez

 6th Grade Health: Jackson Brown

 7th Grade Boys PE: Robby Chiaffredo

 7th Grade Girls PE: Paige Jacquin

 7th Grade Health: McVey Peden

 8th Grade Boys PE: Gavin Miles

 8th Grade Girls PE: Fallon Faufman  


 6th Grade Girls Citizenship: Edie Coil

 6th Grade Boys Citizenship: Sam Gallant

 7th Grade Girls Citizenship: Leah Stone

 7th Grade Boys Citizenship: Danny Neumann

 8th Grade Girls Citizenship: Cate Wassenaar

 8th Grade Boys Citizenship: Jack Graham