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Creating Something New, Something Good Each Day

You’ve probably heard the saying “trust the journey.” 

At Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, the journey has changed – to say the least – but that hasn’t stopped our Golden Bear nation from moving forward. 

“We’re being forced to think outside the box,” an administrator said. “We had the Senior Sunrise, which will also lead to Senior Sunset at school’s end. We had a drive-in movie with the upperclassmen, we have outdoor classrooms. We’re coming up with different things that may eventually turn into new traditions.”

And perhaps it’s a time to re-evaluate old traditions and determine if they still fit. It’s a time to adapt, create and make the best of what God gave you. That’s what is happening, not only in classrooms but in sports as well. 

“We split up cross-country practice among the kids due to all this,” one of the coaches said. “It’s WAY more manageable now – instead of dealing with 100 kids, I’m dealing with 35-50 at a time. Also, the meets are smaller, closer to home, which allows new kids to win races, new heroes that otherwise might have finished 27th in a big meet. So far, I’m liking this.”

Moving to social and spiritual values, some HIES students shared their thoughts on how they’ve adapted.

“I think we’ve gotten closer since March,” one said. “We’ve found new ways to bond with each other; have realized the people we want to hang out with and be around. Obviously, our senior year won’t be what the old ‘normal’ was, but we’re becoming closer by finding new ways to deal with it.”

From the administration to the staff to the students – we’re all in this together. Still, in walking the halls and picking up on the vibe, it’s a community thriving to succeed, adapting to succeed. So, in conclusion, prepare for new normals, different routines, adjusting on the fly but with safety and our kids in mind.

Yes, dark clouds presented themselves and in full force. But at Holy Innocents’, the entire family remains working hard to part the dark clouds, and not only find the silver linings, but create them.

– Dunn Neugebauer