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Dr. Chris Swann Releases Third Novel

If you’re looking to escape from the realities of everyday life, you might check out “A Fire in the Night,” the third dramatic novel from our own Upper School English teacher, Dr. Chris Swann

Inspired to write “an old-fashioned thriller,” Dr. Swann’s story revolves around Nick Anthony, a grieving widower who retreated to Cashiers, N.C. His solace is interrupted by his 16-year-old niece Annalise, who shows up on his doorstep after a housefire claimed the lives of her parents, Nick’s estranged brother and sister-in-law. 

Dr. Swann’s grandparents lived in Cashiers for 50 years so his knowledge of the area is extensive. “It’s a beautiful place, somewhat isolated and very visual,” Dr. Swann said. 

And it proved to be the perfect setting for the book and its many twists and turns – villainy, espionage and suspense. 

The book is set in current day but does not include the pandemic. Dr. Swann completed the bulk of the novel before March 2020 and worked on revisions during lockdown and in summer 2020. Summers have proven to be productive times for him to write and the creative wheels are turning for his next project, possibly a sequel to “Fire.”  

“I left the possibility that I could come back to these characters,” Dr. Swann said. “This one ended on a good note.” 

A book launch party was held on campus on Thursday evening, Sept. 9. Dr. Swann spoke about the book and signed copies for guests.