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For Summer Reading Pleasure: Coach Dunn Publishes Fourth Book

Our very own “holder of lots of jobs” and author Dunn Neugebauer has combined his two passions – writing and running – and turned them into his fourth book, this one titled "Meditations from the Finish Line."

It was released on paperback in late June and will be out on Kindle July 1, 2021.

“I had to do something productive over the pandemic besides run back and forth from the refrigerator,” Dunn said. “Also, Coach [Stephen] Jayaraj has been telling me for three years now that I needed to take all my running essays and put them into a book.”

Between the covers are 45 essays, many of which deal with Holy Innocents’ cross country and track and the squads both Jayaraj and Dunn mentored over the years. Training at the nearby river, the state meet at Carrollton and the perils of coaching track in freezing cold weather are just some of the entertaining stories.

“It’s not just Holy Innocents’, though,” Dunn added. “It’s also about running the beloved Peachtree Road Race, marathon training, trying to qualify for Boston, and just the simple Zen joy of lacing up your shoes and going for a run, even if you’re by yourself.”

His latest output keeps up a successful run of published authors in the HIES community. Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright has published seven books and counting, while Dr. Christopher Swann’s third novel will be released Sept. 7, 2021. 

“It’s inspiring to work at a place among such creative and inspiring people,” Dunn said. “I’ve always been told that there’s a book in everybody – I’m rubbing shoulders with people every day who are proving it.”

Dunn’s latest work will be available in the Campus Shop this fall and can currently be purchased on Amazon or by reaching out to the author directly at