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2021 Recycle Fashion Show

An estimated 2.2 billion pounds of overstock and unsold clothing are landfilled or incinerated around the world every year, according to a 2018 report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Efforts to create a world where nothing becomes waste and everything has value can be anyone’s mission.

The ideas of reuse, recycle and upcycle are not lost at HIES – enter the Recycled Fashion Show, sponsored by the National Art Honor Society. The event was held during lunchtime on Thursday, April 1, as part of Springfest activities.

Over the past few months, art students have worked individually or in small groups to create a piece of fashion. Some students utilized recycled or biodegradable materials such as coffee filters or bags while other students took old clothing and upcycled them into new pieces. Students created casual wear as well as more formal looks. In a nod to Covid protocols, several students even designed masks to complement their outfits.

“They have been really creative and diligent through this strange year, and I can't wait for the school to see the awesome pieces they have made,” Abigail Jablon ‘22, co-president of National Art Honor Society, said.

Students modeled their own designs or invited other students to be their models. There were 19 different designs in the show.

“Fashion is an easy way to include everyone and the show is something fun and creative we can all get involved with,” Joanna Graham ’22, co-president of the National Art Honor Society, said. “With recycling we can reuse things that otherwise would be thrown away.”

“I think that the overall message of the fashion show is that anything can be made into art, and that clothing does not have to be made of fabric,” Abigail said. “I think that people will see that unconventionality can be celebrated, and also see some materials in a new way.”

- Christina Mimms