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Senior Class of 2023 Greets the New Year

This year’s theme is the “Dawn of a New Day” – our senior Class of 2023 expounded on that by greeting this Wednesday with an edition of “Senior Sunrise,” one of our new traditions created two years ago.

Taking place on South Campus, the 137 upperclassmen enjoyed juice, coffee and breakfast while reuniting with each other after their final summer before going off to college.

“This makes it really great to see everyone again,” senior Sage Hausmann said. “Being out here with my friends makes me even more excited for this school year.”

Classmate Parker Miles saw things in more philosophical terms.

“It’s great to be on the other side of the shift,” he said. “Hopefully, the academic pressures after junior year are over, and after always hearing about the senior traditions, it’s great to finally be a part of them.”

Another senior – Drew Bomar – appeared to want to slow things down as the sun rose on his final high school year and athletic seasons.

“You don’t realize how quickly it gets here until it gets here,” Drew said. “Still, we’re all in a great position to have an awesome senior year.”

With that, Drew and his classmates picked up their mats, towels and blankets, cleaned up their messes, and headed through the tunnel as they greeted the new day while in preparation for some new tomorrows.

— Dunn Neugebauer