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Senior Profile: Jaylee Davis

From the moment Jaylee Davis arrived at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in ninth grade, she has kept a nonstop schedule. From the journalism classrooms to the drum line, Jaylee has held a presence on campus that will be missed.

You’ve read her words in the C&G magazine, which she co-edits, and in the Rhyme and Reason magazine. You’ve heard her talents as a member of the drum line. You’ve cheered for her in shot put and discus on the track team. You’ve talked with her about campus issues in SGA and current events in HI Forum. You’ve congratulated her for being inducted into both National Honor Society and the Cum Laude Society and, more recently, for receiving a full-tuition Posse Foundation scholarship to attend George Washington University in the fall.

While Jaylee has enjoyed many different activities and experiences in the HIES Upper School, senior year events stand out the most in her memory bank – a sleepover for all the senior girls in the library prior to the new academic year, playing in drum line at the last varsity football game and just being in her favorite classes every day, such as journalism and AP Latin.

“It’s sad that some of our senior year memories are lost but we’re still making connections and making memories,” Jaylee said. “A lot of my classes are independent anyway but obviously I’d rather be at school with my friends.”

The coronavirus pandemic has provided fodder for some of her class work: in Statistics students have discussed the virus, graphed the spread and calculated the likelihood of contracting it.

And Jaylee is quick to spot the silver lining of the pandemic.

“I see kindness coming out in humanity and the opportunities to make donations and help people,” she said. “Sometimes under great duress we show our greatest strengths.”

Jaylee is not wavering from her path during this time. As a Posse scholar, she participates in two-hour workshops each week to address topics such as team building, cross-cultural communication, leadership and academic excellence. The organization’s goal is to prepare its students for leadership roles and the academic expectations at their respective colleges. When she arrives at college, she will have regular meetings with a faculty mentor.

Jaylee communicates regularly with her fellow soon-to-be classmates at George Washington as well as her HIES friends. She tries to fit in some cardio exercise each day. And she looks forward to new beginnings while she also treasures the past four years.

“I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to go to Holy Innocents’,” Jaylee said. “It is really special to me.”