College Counseling

Student Athletes and College Admissions

Athletics can be an important co-curricular component of the high school experience. Student-athletes must make a careful decision about the viability of continued participation in college. First, the student-athlete must consider the year-round time commitment commonly involved with intercollegiate sports and extensive travel schedule. Second, the student-athlete should seek a realistic assessment of their ability to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Sources for assessment include coaches at HIES, private coaches, and/or coaches at the college or university of choice. 

Conversations should emphasize:

  • Are my talents and abilities appropriate to continue at an intercollegiate level?
  • What intercollegiate level is most appropriate for me to continue participation in athletics?
  • Which institution is optimal for me to continue participation in athletics?
After obtaining a realistic assessment about a future as an intercollegiate athlete, student-athletes who wish to participate in varsity intercollegiate athletics must follow certain guidelines to gain eligibility. There are multiple divisions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), each with specific scholarship and eligibility regulations. To achieve eligibility for athletic participation in NCAA member schools, it is mandatory to register at theNCAA Eligibility Center. Registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center should be initiated no earlier than the end of the student-athlete's junior year. Once an athlete ID number has been assigned, the student's transcript must be requested from the College Counseling Office and test scores must be submitted from the testing agency.  The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is another organization that governs college athletics. No special registration requirements are necessary to gain eligibility for athletic participation at NAIA member institutions.
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