College Counseling



All Year
Pursue a challenging course load as appropriate given your interests and strengths. To begin a successful high school career, it is important to get acclimated to high school courses, workloads, and expectations right from the start. Do not hesitate to seek out assistance from teachers or administrators outside of class. This will enable you to work to your potential and makes for a more enjoyable and successful school experience. You will be preparing yourself well for college down the road if you spend your freshman year getting fully immersed in your academic and extra-curricular activities. Be cautious about overdoing it. Maintaining a balanced life is critical.

Discover Your Passions
Explore and become involved in Holy Innocents’ community in clubs, organizations, athletics, and community service.

October - PSAT Testing
HIES administers the PSAT exam to freshmen on a designated weekday on campus.

January - April - Class Advising Meetings
Deans meet with students and parents individually to recommend and select classes for the sophomore year.

June - Take SAT Subject Tests
Those students taking accelerated courses are advised to consult with their teachers about registering in April for the SAT Subject Tests to be taken in June.

Plan for a Meaningful Summer Experience
As early as February, seek out academic programs, internships, volunteer work, or other worthwhile activities that will enrich your summer months. A list of programs is available HERE.
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About HIES

Holy Innocents’ is the largest Episcopal parish day school in the United States, a fully accredited, college-preparatory day school for 3-year-olds through 12th-grade boys and girls.