College Counseling



Throughout the Academic Year
Continue to pursue a challenging course load as appropriate, and maintain strong grades. Keep in mind that colleges liketo see students that challenge themselves to the extent that they can. For some, this challenge will come in the form of a college preparatory curriculum like the curriculum at Holy Innocents’. Students in a college preparatory curriculum may show that they are challenging themselves by going beyond the minimum graduation requirements in subject areas such as foreign language, history, and laboratory science. For other students, a challenging curriculum may come in the form of Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Students and families are reminded that a student's bid for admission is considered in light of how well they perform within their chosen courses. There is no perfect formula for course selection for all students. Similarly, there is no minimum number of Honors or AP courses required for admission. Because every student presents with different strengths and academic interests, students are encouraged to explore a wide breadth and depth of courses that are of interest to them.

All Year
Continue involvement in HIES’s clubs, organizations, athletics, and community service.

September – November and February - April - Admission Representative Meetings
Admission representatives from across the country come to Holy Innocents’ annually in the fall and spring to meet with upper school students. The schedule of meetings is posted in the Counseling Office, publicized in the daily announcements, and posted on the Holy Innocents’ website.

October - PSAT Testing
HIES administers the PSAT exam to juniors on a designated weekday on campus.

November - College Night for Juniors and Parents

January - March - One-on-one Family Meetings
Each junior family meets with their grade level dean and college counselor to initiate the official college search process in the spring of the junior year followed by individual student meetings with the counselor in the spring of junior year and fall of the senior year. Students are welcome to meet with their counselor on a drop-in basis, outside of these scheduled meetings, if further assistance is required. Counselors have an “open door” policy to answer questions and provide guidance.

Plan for a Meaningful Summer Experience
As early as February, seek out academic programs, internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, or other worthwhile activities that will enrich your summer months. A list of programs is available on the 'Summer Programs' page of the HIES website.

April, May & June - ACT, SAT Reasoning Test & SAT Subject Exam Testing 
Juniors are encouraged to register for the ACT, SAT Reasoning Test and three SAT Subject Tests (if necessary) to be taken in the Spring of the Junior year.

Attend College Fairs, Open Houses and College Receptions.

April- Essay Writing, Case Studies
Juniors attend seminars for Essay Writing and application analysis in the month of April.

May - AP Exams

All Spring & Summer
Visit and research colleges.
Begin filling out college applications and write rough draft of college essay.
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About HIES

Holy Innocents’ is the largest Episcopal parish day school in the United States, a fully accredited, college-preparatory day school for 3-year-olds through 12th-grade boys and girls.