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Statement of Purpose

The mission of the PK3-12 global education program at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School (HIES) is to cultivate students who have the knowledge, dispositions and skills to act ethically and creatively in the world. It is an education to competence, compassion and conscience centered on the human dignity expressed in our relationships with and obligations to family and community, both locally and abroad.

Teaching to Global Competence

Global competence is multifaceted and includes cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral domains. Globally competent students understand that the world is a system in which their actions have consequences. They perceive the interconnectedness of humans with the natural environment, understand history as an ongoing story with many threads, appreciate the value and challenges of policy-making to solve big, complex problems and are attuned to the differences and similarities of cultures. This requires curriculum planning that focuses on “lifeworthy” and “lifeready” learning with topics, themes and questions that are generative and rich in action, insight, ethics and opportunities for our students to apply new learning in new contexts.

At HIES, we believe global competent youth should learn to:
  • Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment by examining issues of local, global and cultural significance 
  • Recognize understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others 
  • Communicate ideas effectively across diverse audiences 
  • Take effective action for collective well-being and sustainable development, both locally and globally 
To develop these competencies, the Global Studies Department works closely with the Office of Professional Learning to coordinate training in the use of Project Zero-inspired visible thinking and teaching for understanding techniques, shared inquiry methods and project- and problem-based approaches to learning. Professional development monies can be used toward coursework or conference participation in these areas, such as those offered through our membership in the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG) and the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN) or for professional learning visits to GEBG, ISEEN and Round Square schools. Additionally, once every three years, HIES faculty at can enroll in our spring Smoky Mountain Seminar, a 2.5-day training in cross-cultural and international experiential education facilitated in partnership with Where There Be Dragons and hosted at Elohee Retreat Center in Sautee, GA.

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