Lewis Primary School Library

Primary School Library

Library Hours:
Mon - Fri 8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
The Alan A. Lewis Primary School offers our youngest students their own, developmentally appropriate library. The Primary School Library includes over 3,500 titles, an attractive story area, reading nooks and electronic databases. Each class visits the library on a weekly basis. In addition to story time, all students have the opportunity to check out books each week.
Many students and parents enjoy our gift book program in which a pre-selected book may be chosen from the Gift Book Collection to be donated either to the library or a classroom in honor, memory, or celebration of a particular person or event.
The Alan A. Lewis Primary School Library provides a wonderful setting for a child’s early library experience and is a source of enrichment for students, teachers, and families.

Online Catalog

You can search the collections in each library by going to its online catalogue.  Often, advanced searches defined by key words work best.  When you see a book you want in the list, click the checkbox next to it and then go to the "My Book Bag" option, which will appear in the left banner.  You can then print the list of just the books you've selected.
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Phone: (404) 255-4026

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