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Our Primary School is a place of beautiful beginnings.

Here, children forge lifelong friendships-and form a lifelong love of discovery and understanding. It is a starting point for exploring a child's gifts, pursuing their passions and reaching their full potential, where even our youngest learners are immersed in all that Holy Innocents' Episcopal School has to offer.

Our Primary School offers an academically focused, age-appropriate early childhood program, starting with 3-year olds and progressing through the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years. HIES students learn and grow in an environment of love and support, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and service to others. As we say in our school hymn, we inspire each mind and fire each heart--and it all begins right from the start.


"I can't say enough about the academic excellence of the Primary School. It is such a special, phenomenal experience."   -HIES parent



Foster community from the start

At Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, we cultivate an environment of care and belonging. Starting in Primary School, each child is cherished, challenged and respected. Even the youngest HIES students learn and grow as part of a broad, vibrant school community, collaborating and connecting with peers of all ages, across all divisions. Here, all are truly welcome. That is the foundation upon which our community is built.

Exploring balance from the start

The world of a child is a world of endless possibilities, and so many options are open to students in our Primary School. We pride ourselves on the idea that students do not have to choose one path; they can try them all. Will your child become an athlete or a thespian? An artist, a scientist or a mathematician? The answer could be all of these or something else entirely. Exploring each student's own talents and gifts, nurturing the whole child-that is what balance means at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School.


Embraced and empowered by a supportive community, young learners begin asking formative questions and building key skills from their first day. In the Episcopal school tradition, we nurture intellectual inquiry, critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. As each child's curiosity awakens, they are introduced to a world in which learning is inspiring, fun and fulfilling.

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Learning by design from the start

Our curriculum, rooted in our Episcopal identity and built around the Round Square Discovery Framework, forms a strong academic foundation at all Primary School levels. We accomplish this while never losing sight of the fact that children learn best in a place where they are known, where they feel safe and where they are loved. 

Each grade uses its own unique approaches and experiences, but all are based on these core beliefs:

Everyone can be a teacher, including both children and adults.

  • Every child is a gift from God, and each has his or her own voice to add to our conversation.
  • Children learn best when they are given many opportunities to play, explore, create, imagine, hypothesize, guess, serve and get dirty every day.
  • Recess is an essential part of the school day, and play is the work of children.
  • Faith remains a visible thread through the fabric of everything that we do.
  • Service to others is vital, and one is need to young to learn to give of themselves.
  • All human beings deserve kindness, children and adults alike.

Our mission statement encompasses these beliefs and guides our program:

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School develops in students a love of learning, respect for self and others, faith in God and a sense of service to the world community.

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Embracing Episcopal Values

Embracing Episcopal values from the start.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School embodies true inclusivity, welcoming all and respecting the beliefs of others. Even our youngest students are immersed in spiritual reflection and a sense of responsibility to those in need.

Learning Leadership

Learning leadership from the start.

Our Kindergarteners proudly assume the role of "the seniors" of our Primary School. Here, they enjoy early childhood a little longer-and build confidence a little sooner.

Meeting Mentors

Meeting mentors from the start.

Starting in preschool, our students have book buddies and project partners of all ages. Wherever they go on campus, our youngest learners are among friends.

Inviting Everyone

Inviting everyone from the start.

The Primary School is a safe haven, but not a small bubble. From their first day in the Primary School, our students are fully incorporated into a vibrant community and vigorous curriculum.


"In the Primary School, even our youngest students learn to trust teachers, advocate for themselves and ask good questions. When children develop these interpersonal skills early, they go further overall."

-faculty member


From the start, learning without end

Our Primary School parents already carry dreams about where this educational journey could lead. And so do we.

At Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, our young learners count beads so that one day they can grapple with multiplication and eventually master trigonometry. Right now, our students build prototypes with blocks in one of our Brainstormers sessions-and later, these early experiences can grow into a deep interest in science or design. In the beginning, our Primary Schoolers may squirm during story time, but over time, they build critical listening capacities. And in the end, they'll be prepared to scribble careful notes during a college lecture. 

From the start, the Primary School at HIES intentionally fosters motor, cognitive, language and social-emotional development. Just as importantly, we nurture natural curiosity and spark learning without end.

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