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Integration of Technology Throughout the Educational Environment
HIES is committed to the integration of technology in the classroom and throughout the educational environment. Technology instruction, itself, is incorporated into the curriculum, and not taught in isolation. The HIES faculty has identified Baseline Technology Skills for each division and works to ensure that these needs are met.
Technology is integrated into the curriculum in a variety of ways.
In addition to general computer skills classes, each division incorporates a variety of activities into specific subject areas. Examples include projects utilizing word processing, spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations. HIES students also participate in statistics analysis, video production, desktop publishing, digital photography, and a variety of other activities.
Students in grades 5 and above are issued Apple MacBook Air laptops for their personal use at school and home. Students in Primary School through grade 4 have access to iPads.
HIES has a high-speed internet connection with wireless access throughout campus. In addition, the school has several traditional computer labs for instruction, as well as multiple areas with computer stations for student use. All classrooms are outfitted with interactive whiteboards and projectors.