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Summer Academics

Sessions for Summer 2021

Session I:  June 7-18 // 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. // Monday-Friday
Session II: June 21-July 2 // 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. // Monday-Friday
Session III: July 5-16 // 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. // Monday-Friday

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Holy Innocents’ Summer Academics program continues developing in students a love of learning, even in the summer months! Our program is proud to offer both traditional and experiential learning opportunities for high school students.

Our traditional program offers a variety of credit forward two-week and four-week courses that provide students with greater academic flexibility during the school year by freeing up space in their schedule for additional electives or allowing them to take more advanced language and math courses than they would otherwise be able to. 

With our experiential learning courses (postponed until 2022), students spend five days in a traditional Summer Academics setting preparing for and debriefing after thought-provoking travel abroad experiences to exciting destinations across the globe. For our experiential learners, the world truly is their classroom!

There are many benefits to enrolling in Summer Academics. We are proud to report that students find our courses both challenging and intellectually enriching—indeed, the focused nature of our program allows students to learn just as much, if not more, than they would during a traditional school year. The fast pace of Summer Academics provides students with almost instantaneous feedback on the work they produce, leading to high levels of engagement and academic satisfaction. 

In addition to enjoying the academic rigor and accelerated pace of our program, a 2020 survey of student satisfaction revealed enhanced interaction with teachers to be one of the main highlights of the Summer Academics’ experience—students truly appreciate the opportunity to interact on a more individualized basis with our talented faculty. Small class sizes contribute significantly to the atmosphere—in the words of a former student: “I like how small my class is and how personalized it is to me.” This personalized learning encourages students to take more risks and push themselves to work harder and more seriously than ever before. Indeed, students report high levels of satisfaction with their productivity during Summer Academics but also note that, “we are working and having fun as well.”

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Traditional Courses

Holy Innocents’ is pleased to offer credit-forward courses to students who wish to advance their education over the summer and enhance their academic transcripts.

Biblical Studies

(4 weeks; 1 Religion Credit)

In this course, we will study the Bible, focusing on the Old Testament for two weeks and the New Testament for two weeks.

  • Eligible Students:  Rising 9th -10th grade students 
  • Credit: 1 Religion Credit received. Daily attendance is mandatory. 
  • Cost: $3,000 per student
    Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50


World Religions

(4 weeks; 1 Religion Credit)

In this course, students will acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of world religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

  • Eligible Students:  Rising 10th -12th grade students who have taken Biblical Studies (or God and Humanity)
  • Credit: 1 Religion Credit received. Daily attendance is mandatory. 
  • Cost: $3,000 per student
    Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50
Foreign Language Courses 

(4 weeks; 1 Foreign Language Credit)

Various levels of French, Spanish and Latin may be offered, depending on interest. 

  • Eligible Students:  Rising 9th -12th grade students 
  • Credit: 1 Foreign Language Credit received. Daily attendance is mandatory.  
  • Cost: $3,000 per student
    Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50

“Beyond Travel” Half-Credit Electives

This summer, we are excited to leverage our partnership with Envoys, a national leader in experiential education, in offering you a new half-credit history elective. Envoys draws upon a decade of experience with online courses to create highly engaging, collaborative learning environments that connect students to issues, leaders, and themes of global significance. Through a carefully-constructed experience of expert speaker sessions, virtual tours, cross-cultural connections, group activities to co-construct meaning, interviews, and social time, students explore a theme in a dynamic, and engaging setting. This 2-week courses allow students to connect each day with global educators, experts, peers, activists, and changemakers through participatory activities.

These electives are only offered during Session III and instruction will take place on campus. Courses incorporate morning sessions and activities led by Envoys experts all over the world and carefully crafted local field trips with traditional classroom learning led by a Holy Innocents’ faculty member to provide a sense of travel while remaining safely in the state of Georgia. These courses are the perfect opportunity for summer academic enrichment!

All “Beyond Travel” courses count as a qualifying summer experience for juniors in the Program for Global Citizenship.

Never Again: The Role of Monuments and Memorials in Preventing Genocide

(2 weeks; Session III only; 1/2 History Elective Credit)

This course takes on three major lenses of inquiry—literary connections, memorialization, and national identity and immigration—to explore the topic of genocide in world history. Students will learn to question memorials and monuments through critical inquiry and build awareness of how, why, and what is memorialized (and what is not). We will explore the role of memorialization in the Holocaust as well as the role monuments and memorials play in the legacy of lynching and Black genocide in the United States. Throughout the program, we will focus on the factors that contribute to national identity, like rituals, traditions, and shared history. 

  • Eligible Students: Rising 9th -12th grade students 
  • HIES Faculty Lead: Rebecca Rivera
  • Credit: 1/2 History Elective Credit received. Daily attendance is mandatory.
  • Cost: $1,550 per student
    Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $50

Experiential Learning

Postponed until 2022

We are thrilled to partner with Envoys, a national leader in educational travel programs for high school students, in offering you credit-forward study abroad options. More details on these trips, as well as estimated total cost for the course, is available in the course descriptions listed below. In addition to the time your child spends abroad, there will be five days of on-campus instruction.


Ethical Responses to the Holocaust
Ethical Responses to the Nazi Regime, Germany & Austria

Dates (TBD)
Cost: Approximately $5,350

Course Highlights and Itinerary

This course, which is offered as a senior religion elective without a study abroad component at Holy Innocents’, will take on three major lenses of inquiry: literary connections, memorialization, and national identity and immigration. Students main literary grounding will be Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts, and we will be discussing the reading and using it to inform our understanding of key sites we visit during the trip. Additionally, students will learn to question memorial and monuments through critical inquiry and build awareness of how, why, and what is memorialized (and what is not). On-campus, we will watch the documentary series Hitler’s Inner Evil Circle, and while abroad, we will question what identity Germans were working so hard to protect in the years leading up to World War II. Throughout the program, we will focus on the factors that contribute to national identity, like rituals, traditions, and shared history. Read more ►


El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago, Spain

Dates (TBD)
Cost: Approximately $5,190

Course Highlights and Itinerary

This is course offers students the opportunity to come to understand the unique, empathic, and community-based culture that has emerged on El Camino de Santiago between walkers of the pilgrimage. Along our journey, students will explore spiritual and religious identity across a variety of mediums and experiences. Students will also gain a robust understanding of the historical context of this pilgrimage route and the role of the Catholic Church not only within religious institutions but in socio-political life before the Reformation. Students will spend time in Astorga, Spain preparing for their expedition, several days walking El Camino, and the trip will conclude at Santiago de Compostela.  Read more ►

Place-based Literature and History
Place-Based Literature and History
Dates (TBD)
Cost: Ranging from $4,825-$5,575

Course Highlights and Itinerary

During this trip, students will inquire into the relationship between the place in which a novel is written and the context and themes that appear within. Students will read famous novels, including J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King and Manus Magnusson’s The Vikings before, during, and after their experience in Sweden. While abroad, students will visit destinations and locations likely to evoke some of the same imagery and symbolism as appears in the novels they read. We will also consider how history informs art, and how at any given moment in history, authors and writers are weaving the zeitgeist of the times into their stories. We will ask ourselves how the sociopolitical context of an author’s country affects the work produced. Finally, we will explore the ways in which the physical geography of a country determines the lifestyle of culture of the population that lives there. During our time abroad, students will have the opportunity to visit Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Lund.  Read more ►

Ethics and Engineering
Ethics and Engineering, Boston

Dates (TBD)
Cost: Approximately $4,450

Course Highlights and Itinerary

In this program, we will explore the rich history and modern context of innovation in healthcare and technology within the greater Boston metropolitan area. We will learn about the past and explore the future of science and technology in one of the most innovative square miles on the planet: Kendall Square, Cambridge—home of MIT and some of the most inventive minds and influential technological advances in history. Students will have the opportunity to learn about gene editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9 and how they are rapidly advancing the potential of technology to change living organisms, including humans. We will also consider the ways that the benefits of economic development in the greater Boston area have been divided amongst the community members, focusing on how pressures in housing and transportation affect the life choices of a wide range of local citizens.  Read more ►


Jennifer Evans, Ph.D.
Summer Academics Director
(404) 303-2150, ext. 272