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Welcome HIES Alumni

Holy Innocents’ invites you to reconnect to your alma mater by attending alumni and school-wide events, volunteering on the Alumni Advisory Board, helping with alumni events, and giving back to help the students attending after you. 

Stay connected through the website and sign in to our Alumni Community by clicking MyHIES at the upper righthand corner.  Within the Alumni Community, alumni can update class notes, post announcements, and find members of their class. For assistance, call Tamika Weaver, Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events, at (404) 303-2150, ext. 181. 

We look forward to meeting you all at football games, service events, alumni reunion weekend, the Pumpkin Bash, the Easter Eggstavaganza, and other HIES activities. If you have any questions, program ideas, or have any interest in the Alumni Advisory Board, please feel free to contact

P.S. Join other HIES alumni on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay connected to Holy Innocents' and high school friends.  

2019-2020 Alumni Advisory Board
2019 Alumni Board

 Cara Puckett Roxland ’01, Jessica Bailey ’10, Christine Dial Buckler ’10, Laura Phillips Green ’04, Lily Rolader ’11, O’Neal Wanliss ’11, Andy Stroman ’08, Jackson Davis ’09, John Mitchell ‘09

The main goals of the Alumni Advisory Board are to provide continuous communication to alumni about the progress of Holy Innocents’ and solicit new perspectives from its current and former students. Holy Innocents’ wants to rekindle old relationships and develop new ones following the school’s mission.
All alumni are eligible to serve on the Alumni Advisory Board. The board will be comprised of 8-12 alumni at all times within a range of years of attendance to serve 1-3 year terms. We will have three meetings per year. Members are also responsible for attending Holy Innocents’ Alumni Events. Download more information here.

If you are interested in self-nominations or nominating someone else, please click on the nomination form. After completing the form, please email to Tamika Weaver, director of alumni relations and special events, or fax to (404) 303-2158.

Alumni Advisory Board Members

Jackson Davis ‘09, President
Laura Phillips Green ’04, President Elect

Jessica Bailey ‘10
Christine Dial Buckler ‘10
Sean Butkus ‘07
Michael Griffin ‘00
Julie Walker Grigsby ‘91
Kelly Voyles Kardian ‘91
John Mitchell ‘09
Lily Rolader ‘11
Cara Puckett Roxland ‘01
Andy Stroman ‘08
O’Neal Wanliss ‘11

Help Us Find These Lost Alumni!
For updated contact information, email Tamika Weaver at  
Name Nickname Maiden Name Class
Katherine L. Schultz Kathy   1996
William P. Thomas Will   1996
Kimberly A. Campuzano Kim Perisino 1997
Christopher B. Chappell Chris   1997
Kathryn N. Wegman Kate   1997
Keith A. Cooper Keith   1998
Mary M. Kyle Mary   1998
George M. McCord Michael   1998
Katie D. McKoy Kamie Harkins 1998
Laura H. Bond Laura   1999
Lauren D. Friedrichs Lauren   1999
Holly M. O'Keefe Holly   1999
Katharine M. Duke Kate   2000
Anthony J. Seichrist Tony   2001
Dickson J. Vaughan Dickson   2001
Jason V. Dee Jason   2002
Noah K. Hauber Noah   2002
Lawrence E. Gill Larry   2003
Margaret K. Patrick Margaret   2003
Rachel M. Small Rachel   2003
Mary V. Coleman Ginny   2004
Andrew R. Truitt Andrew   2004
Brittany C. Bradshaw Brittany   2005
Paul M. Duke Paul   2006
Claire P. Sellers Claire   2006
Lauren E. Taylor Lauren   2006
Evan T. Britton Evan   2007
Thomas C. Dickinson Coston   2007
Andrew C. McMullen Chase   2007
James K. Strait Kyle   2008
Andrew C. Steinmetz Drew   2009

Featured Alumni

The Right Character for the Big Stage

Sarah Borne ’14 is on a path to a career in acting that has always felt perfectly in character. After putting her talents to the test throughout high school and college with roles ranging from the true crime show “Your Worst Nightmare” to the classic “Goosebumps” series, the Atlanta native has graduated from Wake Forest University and is ready take on her hometown’s vibrant TV and film market

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Sam Johnson '09

In 1998, when he was just 9-years-old, Sam Johnson watched from a hilltop as his village burned. His father lay dead somewhere below, one of the countless victims of rebel mayhem sweeping across Liberia. His mother hurried her five young children into the forest; then she led her family north, traveling at night to have a better chance of avoiding the roving militias.

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Tamika Weaver

Tamika Weaver

Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events
Heather Hahn

Heather Hahn

Pre-K 3/Alumni Relations

Class Reps

Class Reps 1972-1994
Katherine Clarke Buckner '87

Jennifer Pittman Cantrell '86

Carmen Hodge Collins '88

Lea Conway '81

Traci Hodge Kesterton '85

Charles Smith '86

Jan Macon Wolbrecht '81

Jill (Herndon) Littlefield 

Audra (Mullen) Thompson

Raine (Crumpler) Hyde

Matt Little 

Ashton (Thurmond) Ragone   

Kristin (Wolford) Tiliakos

Aida (Mahmutovic) Mayhew

Elizabeth (Dunham) Thompson

Rich Braund 

Stephanie Brown

Shelarese Ruffin 

Cara (Puckett) Roxland

Allender (Laflamme) Durden

Rebecca (Brown) Rivera 

Missy (Evans) Gardner

Jennie (Strassner) Wilson

Emily (Weprich) Campanella

James Jackson

Liz Young Hayes 

John Cook

Bennett Gottlieb 

Amy (Fore) Kane 

Susan Karimiha

Tyler Rathburn 

Rachel Shunnarah

Allyson (Young) Barganier 


Ben Cornwell

Maryanne (Stumb) McWhirter

Kelly (Garrison) Johnson

Jackson Davis 

John Mitchell

Halle Addison 

Annie Hollett

Delaney McMullen

Andrew Parrish

Callan Phillips

Katie Keith 

Brittany Ketchup
Shannon O'Hanlon

Greg Sullivan

Victoria Hovancik

Lindsey Klopfenstein

Kendall Jackson

Bailey Lyles

Anne-Claire Pittman

Mary Hollis Schmidt

Julia Wright

Matt Gates

Rebecca Maitski

Savannah Smith

Peyton Hayes

Emma Rolader

Cade Anderson

Amanda Gibson

Kendall Jabaley

Carson Staples

Blake Morain