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A Positive Attitude: Kent Malcolm '19

A Positive Attitude: Kent Malcolm '19

Kent Malcolm is the guy you’d take home to mother, the type that would bring his teacher an apple, not because he wants to stand out or be the pet, but because he really wants the teacher to have the apple! While at HIES, he was in the orchestra, played tennis, ran cross country, and was Student Council President his senior year. He’s currently a rising senior at Belmont University, majoring in exercise science. Over the summer, the HIES staff caught up with Kent for a brief interview.

Q: I remember in high school you said there was no reason for you to get really fired up for a cross country meet because, in your words, “why get so amped up about something that you just like to have fun at.” Do you still have that philosophy?

A: I’m still teaching myself this. When I first started playing the piano, I wanted to be the best at it and play the hardest songs. Still, this didn’t make me happy. While running in Middle School, I’d be happy if I won. Same in the classroom – I HAD to get the straight As. Now – and again I’m still teaching myself this – it’s not about the end result, but instead about the experience. The point is to enjoy myself while I’m doing whatever I’m doing. 

Q: What advice would you give to the Kent Malcolm that graduated from HI three years ago?

A: I would tell him just to hold on. World events have shaken us up lately, but I’d tell myself not to worry so much about where I’ll end up regarding school, life decisions, and so forth. Instead, just take a step back and be grateful for where you are in the moment. Now, I’m going through things and changes I never anticipated, some things I used to have that I miss now. Still, there are a LOT of things to be happy about. 

Q: Has Holy Innocents’ influenced you in moving forward – both in school and in life?

A: Definitely. The thing about Holy Innocents’ was and is the community and the sense of belonging. When I chose to go to Belmont, I worried because it’s such a bigger school and I feared I wouldn’t be able to have the community feel that HIES has. Still HI taught me how to get plugged in, therefore it gave me the incentive to do the same thing, even while at and in a bigger place. 

Q: Staying positive, what are some of the good habits you’ve gotten into since COVID?

A: Well, when we were all hunkered down, everybody seemed to travel in pods. From this, I learned to be the first one to reach out to people. Instead of hibernating with my group, it has taught me – besides being grateful – to make efforts to instigate communications with other people as well.

Q: What alumni events would bring you back to Holy Innocents’?

A: I’m a big Homecoming fan. My first year out of high school, I came back for that and had a really good time seeing my friends. It’s tougher for me to get back to Atlanta now, as my parents have also moved to Nashville, but I still enjoy myself when I’m there.

Q: When you think of our school and your time here, what comes to mind?

A: The word ‘formative’ comes to mind. Being at Holy Innocents’ made me realize the things I like in life, and while there I was able to pursue my passions. It was enlightening in that way - you could say that my time at Holy Innocents’ gave me the green light in many conceivable ways. 

— Dunn Neugebauer