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Always On the Go: Laura Phillips Green '04

Always On the Go: Laura Phillips Green '04

Laura Phillips Green ’04 keeps an extremely busy schedule these days. As mom to three HIES students (Elizabeth, sixth grade, and twins Abby and Caroline, fourth grade) and as a Realtor in what has evolved into one of the lengthiest boom markets, her days run over with activity. 

Despite the flow of listings, offers, negotiations and sales, Ms. Green enjoys the flexibility of her work that allows her to pick up her daughters from school, take them to soccer and other activities, and volunteer. She served on the Alumni Advisory Board from 2017 to 2021, including a term as president from 2020-2021.

Since her time as a student to now as an alumna and a parent, she has witnessed numerous changes on campus. “The campus has come a long way. It’s really great to see it transform but I love that we’re still a sweet, smaller school,” Ms. Green said. 

She enrolled at HIES in ninth grade and spent most of her time in the Fine Arts Building and in Groesbeck Hall. She played basketball and soccer and was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the yearbook staff. She is excited that her daughters will be able to enjoy the new Lower School building as well as the STEM and Humanities buildings. 

And while her daughters are learning from teachers she did not know as a student, she has found similarities between teachers then and now. “The HIES teachers were the best I ever had. They were always available and responsive, and I loved the small classes. Many of them coached so we got to see them outside of class,” Ms. Green said. 

“Niki Simpson was my English teacher and I loved Dorothy Sullivan, Chris Swann and Theresa Jespersen. Shannon Freeman was my favorite teacher,” she said. “For Elizabeth, Chris Ward was the first male teacher she ever had and she was welcomed into the class with open arms. Elizabeth Scholz has been phenomenal. “

They previously attended Warren T. Jackson Elementary School but Ms. Green and her husband Philip always planned to enroll the girls at HIES prior to Elizabeth starting Middle School. “We like the small classes and the Christian atmosphere and my girls love it here,” she said. “We’re thrilled everyone is in the same place.” 

Living near campus has allowed Ms. Green to continue friendships started long ago as well as build new ones with other school parents in the community. And with the majority of her home listings nearby, it allows her to juggle her responsibilities more easily. Her parents still reside in the metro area as well; her mom was a longtime agent with Harry Norman Realtors and helped Ms. Green start her own business after she graduated from Ole Miss and returned to Atlanta. The Greens venture to Oxford, Miss., at least every other year for a football game. 

More Golden Bear football games are in their future as Ms. Green will return to the Alumni Advisory Board for the 2022-2023 term. She looks forward to attending more alumni events in the near future and one day will add the role of alumni parent to her titles at HIES. 

“I enjoy seeing my children’s experience at HIES through their eyes,” she said. “They’re going to have a special relationship with the school like I did.”

- Christina Mimms