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Catching Up with Erin Hill '20

Catching Up with Erin Hill '20

Erin Hill '20 is currently a junior at Auburn University, where she is majoring in finance and minoring in business analytics. She was a busy one while at HI, as she did four years of cross country (not counting Middle School), three of track and was a member of the only state champ cross country team in school history. Also on a region champ track team, Erin isn’t and wasn’t only about athletics, as she was President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was in the Young Life Club and was co-editor of the Yearbook. The HIES staff caught up with Erin recently.

Q: What would the Erin Hill of today say to the Erin Hill that graduated from Holy Innocents’ two years ago regarding college or life advice?

A: I would tell myself to quit worrying about the past – I did that a lot my senior year (with the pandemic); I wasn’t present enough, and I went forward in life stuck in the past too much. I would tell myself that things will get better, keep your head up, and don’t worry. It will be okay. 

Q: As you go through your days at Auburn, tell us how and if your time at Holy Innocents’ has influenced you?

A: While I was at Holy Innocents’, I was blessed to have great teachers and coaches. I look back on many times when I would go to them for advice, and I loved the sense of community HIES has. Because of this, I’ve been able to find the same things at Auburn even though it’s such a huge school, as I’ve found teachers and fellow students that I have great bonds with. Because of my times at HI, I’m managing to bring this same sense of community to my current collegiate life. 

Q: These last couple of years have been tough on everyone, but let’s keep this positive, shall we? What good habits have you developed since your senior year?

A: I’ve learned to take in the small things and not take things for granted. A lot of our senior year was taken away from us, so I’ve learned to appreciate the time together with special people. Also, I’ve started to become more grateful for every day, not just the highs, but the lows as well.

Q: What are some alumni events we could do at Holy Innocents’ that would interest you?

A: First, I’d like a simple grade reunion as, I haven’t seen a lot of my high school classmates since our last day of school back in March of 2020. Also, I think it would be neat to have a reunion in conjunction with a football game – that sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

Q: When you think of your years at Holy Innocents’, what goes through your brain?

A: I loved being on a team, running with “The Ladies” (Jessica McNair, Caroline Lyles and Maddie Lowe). That was probably my favorite times at the school – running with my friends at the river, cross country meets, catching up on things. I would often look forward to just coming to practice.

– Dunn Neugebauer