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Taking College by Storm: Scarlett Smith '21

Taking College by Storm: Scarlett Smith '21

Scarlett Smith – a rising sophomore at Alabama – is the centerpiece of five siblings – Savannah ’15, Sophie ’18, herself ’21, Stone ’22, and current student Skylar ’26. You could say she’s the one who smiles a lot, but that wouldn’t eliminate any of her clan. Regardless, while at HIES, Scarlett was a cheerleader all four years – her first three in both football and basketball and her senior year just football. She was captain of both the JV and varsity squads during her time on the sidelines, and she was also in Student Council as a senior. She kept busy on the Activities Committee all four years, where was the head of it in her last Golden Bear campaign. The HIES staff caught up with Scarlett for a brief Q&A.

Q: First of all, what are you majoring in and has there been a positive Holy Innocents’ influence as you’ve gone about it?

A: I started as a psych major, but now I’m majoring in public relations with a minor in psych. My first thought is that when Holy Innocents’ says they prepare you for college, they weren’t lying. The main case of that for me has been in English and writing papers, as, so far, I’ve made 100s on all of those type assignments, and feel as if I’m one step ahead. College is a challenge, but so far, I haven’t struggled academically. 

Q: I know it hasn’t been that long since you left us, but is there anything you would say to that Scarlett who graduated from HIES just over a year ago?

A: I would tell myself not to let one negative thing influence and ruin my whole day, as there’s often something bad that can happen or come up. Instead, I’m learning how to focus on the positive things, as it’s SO easy sometimes to let something bad totally throw you off. Besides, there are always good things to focus on.

Q: Is there any type of alumni event that would bring you back to see us? 

A: My sister – Savannah – is in charge of putting her class reunions together each year, and I’ll always look forward to mine when they come up. Mainly, I just want to see how everyone in my class has changed, if anybody’s married yet, and just how everyone is doing in general.

Q: Gut reaction question: When I mention Holy Innocents’, what goes through your mind?

A: It’s my second home. It’s a place I can go back to and feel comfortable, feel loved and move about easily. 

Q: Any memories that stand out?

A: There are many! One that stands out, though, involved my last day of school there. It’s the time where the seniors do a “run through” the school – the last hurrah – that type of thing. Unfortunately, I had an AP Euro test, so originally I wasn’t going to get to take part. Still, my classmates and the teachers, formed a line as we went into the test, therefore letting me be a part of it, too. That was really neat! Also, memories in cheer stand out, as I learned to talk to not only people in my grade, but people older and younger as well. Maybe I’ve already gotten good training at that being the middle of five in my family, right? 

Q: Speaking of communicating and social life, were you easily able to make the transition from such a small high school to a big SEC Division I university?

A: I felt prepared because I learned how to talk to people at HI – not just through cheering but just in the day-to-day atmosphere. Also, high school helped put some good habits in place for me, like time management for instance. In both places, you need to be a kid and have fun, but you’ve still got to study, too. Here at Alabama, obviously I don’t have anyone planning things out for me, but I feel I can handle it after my time at HI.

Q: This is perhaps a “jumping the gun” question, but any thoughts of what you want to do when you graduate from Alabama? 

A: I really have no idea. Right now, I’ve taken some really cool psychology classes; am looking forward to my public relations ones, and I’m just going to trust the process of wherever God leads me.



-                Dunn Neugebauer