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From Golden Bear to Yellow Jacket

From Golden Bear to Yellow Jacket

Profile on HIES alumnus Logan Dorrill '18

When Logan Dorrill ’18 was a senior at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, he wasn’t quite sure where he would go to college. As the days ticked by and he spent more time on the Georgia Tech campus, the school emerged as his first choice. And now as a sophomore, “There’s no place I’d rather be,” he said.

In his freshman year at Georgia Tech, he got involved with a variety of activities, as he had at HIES. It felt like a natural move. 

“Holy Innocents’ does a really good job getting students to engage in a lot of different areas,” Logan said.

With a full load of classes and fraternity activities with Theta Chi, he had to take an inventory of his schedule and simplify some of his involvements but he has made room for a project with fellow HIES alumni Sam Baskin ’18 and Sarah Kallis ’18. Together they launched a political/news/lifestyle magazine aimed at college students in the city. Called 3484, the magazine focuses on Atlanta-area news for students at Georgia Tech and beyond. 

As a Stamps Scholar, this year he served as a mentor to first-year scholars and has been active with on-campus programs and an off-campus orientation retreat. He also works part-time in the Georgia Tech alumni office. 

He encouraged other students to branch out in college and not be afraid to let go of some activities. Logan swam for years at HIES but decided not to pursue swimming in college. 

“There are different opportunities in college to try out,” he said. “I had to figure out which activities feed my character and my drive and be okay with doing just those things.” 

Logan also made the change from his original plans to study architecture to civil engineering, which he believes will offer broader career opportunities in the future. 

Before looking too far ahead, Logan reflected on his time at HIES. 

“I had very passionate teachers,” he said. “Dr. Chris Swann is the most influential teacher I have had. He is very articulate and I was always struck by him and was proud that he chose to be at Holy Innocents’.” 

Logan said that his favorite memory was participating in the 2018 March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., with fellow classmates. “It was very noble of the school to champion a cause like that,” he said. 

With younger brother Liam now in third grade at HIES, Logan is never too far away for a visit home or to campus or for his family to join him to cheer on the Jackets. 

Follow his new magazine @3484mag on Instagram and Twitter.