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Hard Work Pays Off for Luke Wright '14

Hard Work Pays Off for Luke Wright '14

Luke Wright '14, now living in Austin, Texas, is working in hotel development and sales where he was just named the Choice Hotels Rookie of the Year. His college life consisted of two years at University of Cincinnati and two at University of Kentucky. He played six games as quarterback at Cincy and six at Kentucky, including one as a starter for the Wildcats where his team won. Majoring in leadership development, he has built on his perfect 1-0 record as a starter over into the business world. 

Q: I’m going to start you out with a tough question. What would the Luke Wright of today say to that young Luke Wright that graduated from Holy Innocents’ six years ago regarding life advice?

A: I’m not real sure I’d tell him anything, nor would I do very much different. Maybe I’d tell him not to goof off quite as much, but that was all the fun part of it.

Q: Going through college and into today, how has your Holy Innocents’ background influenced you as you’ve moved forward?

A: Athletic-wise, the work ethic I learned in the weight room, as I came into camp more toned than most of the other freshmen. This made it an easy transition into the college world. Academically, the school helped me a lot communications-wise, as it was easy to build good relationships which has translated very well into the business world.

Q: Let’s go back to football – do you have a favorite memory?

A: Yes, beating Landmark on the last game of the season to get into the playoffs. Then we beat them again the next week in the postseason. I remember it was 4th-and-10 and we were behind – I had to scramble for my life to make the first down to keep the drive alive. Also, hitting Walker Thomas for the TD pass – he caught it between his legs by the way – and then Jackson Miller caught the 2-point conversion. On their next drive, their kicker – who was also their quarterback – barely missed a 50-yard field goal and we won 29-28.

Q: These last two years have been tough on a lot of people, but to keep it positive, what are some good habits you’ve developed during the difficult times?

A: I think it taught me – and perhaps a lot of people – just to take a step back, to reset. It gave me time to reach out to family and friends that I otherwise hadn’t had time to reach out to. It was a good time-out in that way.

Q: Moving forward, what type of alumni event would you be interested in coming back to?

A: It wouldn’t have to be a football event, but an alumni football game with a tailgate would be awesome. I’m not too sure many people would come up with an excuse not to be there for that one.

Q: When somebody mentions Holy Innocents’ or if it pops into your mind, what are your immediate thoughts?

A: Best time of my life. I’m taking a stroll down memory lane right now with this question. One example, I also played baseball for a lot of years and, one year Coach (Dylan) Deal gave me the award as “Best Bullpen Catcher.” Still, great times, loved it.

– Dunn Neugebauer