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The 'Write' Way: Anna Mangum '17

The 'Write' Way: Anna Mangum '17

Graduates from Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School have ventured far and wide to continue their education at the colleges and universities of their choice. The Class of 2020, for example, earned acceptances to 151 schools on both coasts, in the U.S. military and even in Canada. 

So when Anna Mangum ’17 decided to attend Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, she left the familiar bubble of Atlanta for the place that fit her perfectly. 

“I knew I wanted to live in a different region and I always liked the mountains and skiing,” Anna said. “My mom and I toured a lot of colleges in New England.” 

Now a senior majoring in English, Anna is debating her next steps. She has applied for programs to earn an MFA in creative writing and is hoping to secure a residency to pursue creative writing. She is working on a novel and is considering teaching as well. 

Her experiences at HIES influenced her college studies as well as her involvements outside of school. In her senior English class with Dr. Chris Swann, students were tasked with writing a novel, completing 1,500 words per week. “I talked to Dr. Swann all the time and got really excited about writing,” Anna said. “I decided this is what I have to do in life.” 

Anna served as editor-in-chief of the C&G magazine and played varsity tennis. At Bates, she writes for the literary magazine, is a member of the Running Club, is a manager at the campus coffee shop and is president of the Bates Outing Club, the largest and oldest club on campus. 

As a student in the HIES Program for Global Citizenship, she enjoyed the opportunity to debate current events with her peers. “That class was invaluable and really opened my eyes to global issues,” Anna said. 

She took that experience into a study abroad opportunity during her junior year at Bates. Anna traveled to New Zealand where she enrolled in college classes and enjoyed touring throughout the country during its winter season. She returned to the U.S. to start the spring 2020 semester at Bates and came back to Atlanta when quarantine started. Back on campus this past September, she is working on her senior thesis and looking forward to graduation in May 2021. 

And when this year’s HIES seniors solidify their college choices, wherever they may go, Anna would advise them “Don’t be afraid to live outside of Georgia. Meet new people and lean into discomfort. College is not just an education; it’s an experience.”