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Music at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School is a key part of the Balanced Excellence in Arts. Students from PK3 through 12th grade take music classes and participate in chorus, band, orchestra and other exciting music activities.
Primary School

In the Primary School, music classes are taught in an interactive format to help create a life-long love and appreciation of music. Students explore basic concepts such as steady beat, group and solo singing, and exposure to a wide variety of pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments. Children dance and move to recorded selections of classical and world music. Early pitch matching and proper singing skills are emphasized.


Lower School

General music classes are taught once a week for all students in the first and second grade. When students enter third grade, they choose between chorus and orchestra. In fourth and fifth grade, students select chorus, orchestra or band. Music students perform in a variety of concerts for the school community.


Middle School

The Middle School music program offers students opportunities in chorus, band, orchestra, sound engineering and general music. Students are featured at special chapel services. Middle School music students are regularly awarded for excellence in GMEA, GISA and other competitions.


Upper School

Music education continues through the Upper School, with opportunities in orchestra, band, and chorus. The Upper School also offers two co-curricular A Capella groups. Students are featured at special chapel services and at graduation. Upper School music students are regularly awarded for excellence in GMEA, GISA and other competitions.

Students in Music

Middle School Orchestra
performs Lullaby by Beethoven.