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Developing Confidence and Empathy on Stage

Theatre classes cultivate essential skills that extend beyond the stage, fostering effective communication, teamwork, and creativity.  Through engaging grade level performances, collaborative projects with film and music students, and specialized activities including technical theatre, foley, stop-motion, advanced acting techniques, directing and more, students are free to explore the technical and performative sides of theatre.  On the stage and in the booth students develop confidence, empathy, and emotional intelligence.  Participating in theatre at Holy Innocents' inspires students to discover their unique voices and fosters a lifelong love for the arts.


Annually we put on four extracurricular productions and take two to competition.  Our casts and crews have been Region winners of the GHSA One Act Play Competition in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and have been nominated for over 30 Shuler Hensley awards.  


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