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Clubs and Activities

Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life at HIES. They exist to provide students with opportunities to continue their educations outside of the classroom. Involvement in organizations is a great way to enhance social skills, problem-solving, leadership qualities, and other important life skills. Leaders of clubs and organizations play an important role in helping students build relationships and strengthen their connection to the entire HIES community.

HIES clubs must have written statements of purpose on file with the director of student activities. Clubs must comply with all school policies and procedures, including those outlined in the HIES Student Handbook. HIES clubs and organizations are classified in the following categories:

  • Academic or Department-affiliated: Activities and membership center on a particular area of academic study. A school department may sponsor the club or organization.
  • Special Interest: Activities and membership focus on special interest, whether cultural, social, political, etc.
  • Honor, Leadership, and Service: Activities revolve around volunteering and/or service.
  • Mentoring Groups: Activities and membership focus on shared experiences.

Upper School Academic Teams

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  • Coding Club

    To educate and assist any and all HIES students interested in coding by providing additional knowledge and preparation for regional and national competitions, as well as helping to organize school-oriented coding events. Contact: Dan Forrestal.
  • Debate Team

    Debate Team students practice principles of argumentation, policy research and extemporaneous speaking. Debate builds strengths in public speaking, forensic processes and interpersonal communication. Events include Policy, Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas Debating and individual events such as Original Oratory, Impromptu Speaking, and Humorous Duos. Contact: Kacey J. Michelsen
  • Mock Trial Team

    For students passionate about the law, public speaking, or problem solving, Mock Trial can be an extremely fulfilling experiential academic team to join. Each year, thousands of students prepare legal cases that they then present, as a team, in front of a judge. This process lends itself to the development of many crucial skills, from teamwork, to critical analysis, to writing and beyond. The Mock Trial Team is committed to participating in at least one fall and one spring event. Contact: Kacey J. Michelsen
  • Model United Nations Team

    Since being re-established at Holy Innocents’ in 2012, the Model United Nations Team has seen over 40 students per year participate in at least one conference. HIESMUN is dedicated to bringing international affairs and discourse to the HI community in an experiential academic setting. Students will engage in debate concerning the most pressing international issues in current affairs. Model U.N. provides opportunities for participants to develop public speaking and research skills in a forum that fosters relationship building and diplomacy, all while experiencing the historic and cultural intricacies of international politics and organization. The Team attend attends the Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt conferences annually each fall and will participate in as many as two additional conferences in the late winter or early spring that are selected by the secretary-general (student leadership) at the beginning of the year. We have gone to The University of Chicago, Boston College, Georgetown University, and The University of North Carolina in previous years. In 2019, the Team will participate in the University of Toronto conference as its first international event with an ambition to go to one international conference per year in the future. The Team also hosts an internal conference (HIESMUN) each spring. Contact: Kacey J. Michelsen
  • Robotics

    The goal of the robotics club is to get students interested in building and coding robots through working together in a cooperative team environment. Contact: Joseph Boltri.

Upper School Clubs

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  • Adventure Gaming

    The Adventure Gaming Club exists to provide students with a forum in which to meet and play various games, with an emphasis on Euro-style board and card games. Students meet weekly, often bringing their own games. Dues are collected to fund the purchase of club-owned games. Students may also elect to sponsor a game night or specific contest. Contact: Chris Yarsawich
  • Amnesty International

    To engage in productive discussions about human rights and push for positive changes in our community. Contact: Jennifer Evans.
  • Art Club

    The art club has a mission to promote freedom of expression through art pieces and a feeling of community. Contact: Judie Jacobs
  • Baking for Charity

    The mission of Baking for Charity is to support chosen organizations by raising money or donating baked goods. Members will take part in bake sales and bake treats for local fire stations, hospitals, and shelters. Bakers can also share favorite recipes and learn new skills! Contact: Danielle Elms.
  • BBQ Club

    This club helps cookout for school events and is a fun and unique way to learn more about BBQ. Contact: Bill Dickey.
  • Beartones

    Practice for and perform at three HIES Chorus Concerts and sing carols around Christmas time. Contact: Mark Lamback.
  • Bible Study Club

    Our Mission is to help lead others towards Christ and to create more of a community throughout the high school. Contact: Davis Brown.
  • BSU/Build Student Unity

    The Student Diversity Club aims to bridge the gap between the students of color and the rest of the HIES community. We want to provide a safe space where students can have discussions, while also promoting multicultural awareness throughout the school. Contact: Adrienne Rowe.
  • Business and Economics Club

    Our mission is to learn and spread ideas about business today and “real world” concepts. Contact: George Bevington.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Association

    The Business and Entrepreneurship Association exists to provide the HIES student body an opportunity to explore topics related to business and financial investments. Students, under the direction of the club sponsors and with the assistance of members of the HIES community, will engage in experiential activities to learn about the Stock Market, sound financial investment strategies for both personal and professional wealth, and the process of starting a business. Contacts: Amie LaPorte-Lewis and Erik Vincent
  • Community Outreach Club

    To organize and mobilize students at HI to contribute in meaningful ways to the local community. Contact: George Bevington.
  • Culture Club

    The mission of the Culture Club is to make our hies community educated, aware, and interested in different cultures. Educated through videos, fun interactive activities, and things we have never heard of from a certain culture. As students are educated about different cultures, they quickly learn to respect other cultures and form unbiased opinions on certain beliefs and values of a certain culture. If us young adults and people of the future learn to respect other cultures, we will make the world a more understanding and peaceful place, one club member at a time. Contact: Jerry Pendrick.
  • Dance Club

    The dance club is designed to give students an outlet to express themselves and bond with other students who have common interests. Contact: Laura Sensenig.
  • Donuts & Devos

    To revive the faith of the HIES upper school students. Contact: Davis Brown.
  • Drivers Aware

    Drivers Aware emphasizes the importance of driving without distractions. Members track the number of distracted drivers around campus, present the results to the HIES community, and strive to promote safe roads! Contact: Dorsey Sammataro.
  • Equestrian Club

    The HIES Equestrian Club competes against middle schools and high schools in Zone 6 of Region 1 of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA). The competitions accommodate Hunter Jumper riders from beginner to advanced in classes on the flat and over fences. Points are accumulated on an individual and team basis to qualify for the region, zone and national finals. Faculty advisor: Stephanie Reiss.
  • Film/Movie Club

    Allow students to learn for themselves and discuss with their peers what not to do when making professional films. Contact: John Taylor.
  • Gender/Sexuality Alliance

    The Gender/Sexuality alliance provides a support system for LGBTQ+. We strive to educate the community on LGBTQ+ related topics as well as allow students to discuss various LGBTQ+ topics. Contact: Laurel Koontz.
  • Girl Talk

    Girl Talk Club inspires all girls to be confident leaders through peer-to-peer mentoring. Contact: Hayley Perlis.
  • HI Forum

    The purpose of HI Forum (formerly HIES Geographic Society) is to encourage in-depth discussion about the news, culture, and politics affecting our world today and to develop our knowledge and personal opinions through the insight of our peers. We hope our discussion will engage the broader HI community intellectual and civic discourse. Contact: Chris Yarsawich.
  • Horizons

    Horizons Atlanta works in partnership with Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, Fulton County Schools, and other local partners to influence the trajectory of economically disadvantaged children in Sandy Springs by providing a high-quality enrichment program. Contact: Kate Kratovil.
  • International Thespian's Society (ITS)

    The International Thespian Society (ITS), founded in 1929, is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students located at more than 4,900 affiliated secondary schools across America and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. High school inductees are known as Thespians and junior high/middle school inductees are known as Junior Thespians. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). Contact: Mike Morin.
  • Jewish Student Union

    The purpose of the Jewish Student Union is to educate the school about Jewish culture, tradition, and religion, and spread and celebrate the religion. Jewish Student Union is open to any student in the Upper School. Contact: Rebecca Rivera.
  • Junior League

    An all-girls charity club giving volunteer service to different Atlanta charity organizations focusing on children and women. Contact: Tish Swain.
  • Knitting Club

    Open to all interested parties: experienced knitters and novices alike. We will get together at regular intervals to knit, talk, and perhaps even solve the world's problems. Once the basic knitting techniques are mastered, each member will work on knitting blankets for babies in special care, and/or caps for kids (foster children in Boston will get a special hand-made hat). People who sew, quilt, and crochet are also welcome.
    Ms. Meredith Many
  • Outdoors Club

    The purpose of this club is to enjoy the best of what the outdoors has to offer. The club will plan hiking and mountain biking events.
    Bill Dickey
  • Rhyme and Reason

    Rhyme and Reason, the Upper School literary magazine, is a yearly publication that actively promotes creative writing and visual art by US students.  Student members gather and edit submissions and publish Rhyme and Reason each spring. Contact: Meg Batchelor.
  • Sandy Springs MIssion

    To serve the Sandy Springs community through a partnership with the Sandy Springs mission, through volunteering and fundraising. Contact: Mary Bingham.
  • Send-a-Smile Club

    Send-a-Smile delivers handcrafted, personal and caring messages to children in hospitals around the world, including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. No two cards are the same, but every card is sensitive, uplifting, and contains a positive message. Contact: Katie Cruce
  • Student Alumni Club

    An opportunity for Upper School students to work with the Alumni and Development Office, assist with campus events, call alumni at thank-a-thons, help pack care packages for Alumni, help out in the Alumni Office, and help host student events at Alumni Hall. Contact: Tamika Weaver.
  • Students of the Year

    To raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and brainstorm ideas on how to win the title students of the year. Contact: Laurel Koontz.
  • Trivia Club

    The purpose of the Trivia Club is to foster a love of learning in a fast-paced and competitive environment that enables students and teachers to test their knowledge of trivial facts. Contact: Joseph Boltri.
  • UNICEF Club

    Raise awareness about UNICEF. Contact: Chris Yarsawich.
  • Venture Capital Club

    An entrepreneurial club that investigates business ideas and develops business pitches for venture capital funding. Includes a trip or two to Atlanta tech start-up businesses, guest speakers, etc. While also exploring/developing new technology and app ideas and learn how they are funded through venture capital. Contact: Adam Frye.
  • Winter Running

    For members to prolong the camaraderie and fitness of fall sports during the winter. Contact: Stephen Jayaraj.
  • Young Conservatives

    To instill conservative values in a civil discussion and environment.

    Mr. Paul Kreinheder
  • Young Liberals

    To provide a space for open and intellectual conversations regarding politics, helping students voice their opinions and learn from others.
    Ms. Lauren Maxwell
  • Young Life

    The mission of Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to help lead students into a growing relationship with God. Contact: Davis Brown.

Lower School Clubs

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  • Flag Team

    Fifth-graders may volunteer to serve as a member of the 5th-Grade Flag Team. The team's primary responsibility is to raise the American and State of Georgia flags in the mornings at 8 a.m. and then lower them during tutorial time. Students will learn the proper etiquette for raising, lowering, and storing the flags. Faculty advisor: Jed Dorsey
  • Library Volunteers

    Fifth grade Library Volunteers are trained how to use the circulation computer for checking materials in and out with the supervision of an adult. They also learn shelving, shelf reading, and perform other tasks as they come up, such as delivering books to a teacher and delivering messages to students and teachers. Faculty advisor: Donna Jo Austin
  • LS Service Club - HIGBY'S Helpers

    Students engage in service projects they identify together that impact local communities in need, members of the Golden Bear family and military personnel. Members of this club have a great time bonding while serving others. Faculty advisor: Sherry Sawicki
  • LS Vestry

    An opportunity for students to assist the Chaplain in planning and participating in Chapel services. Faculty advisor: the Rev. Melanie Rowell.
  • Safety Patrol

    Participation in the HIES Lower School Safety Patrol offers a great opportunity for leadership to 5th-grade students. Members of our Safety Patrol are responsible for ensuring the well-being of all of our students, parents, and faculty during our two carpool periods each day. Faculty advisor: Jed Dorsey

Middle School Clubs

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  • Acolyte Team

    Students assist the Chaplain in serving as acolytes and service leaders in Chapel services. Faculty advisor: Chaplain Wagner.
  • Art Club

    An opportunity for students to deepen their passion for art! Faculty advisor: Maria-Louise Coil
  • Book Club

    The Middle School book club creates opportunities for students and faculty to read and reflect on shared books chosen by the group. Faculty advisors: Amy Cate
  • Equestrian Club

    The HIES Equestrian Club competes against middle schools and high schools in Zone 6 of Region 1 of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA). The competitions accommodate Hunter Jumper riders from beginner to advanced in classes on the flat and over fences. Points are accumulated on an individual and team basis to qualify for the region, zone and national finals. Faculty advisor: Stephanie Reiss.
  • Girl Talk

    Girl Talk’s mission is to help young teenagers build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and recognize the value of community service. HIES Upper School girls mentor Middle School girls through the trials and triumphs of the early teen years. Faculty advisor: Hayley Perlis
  • Journalism Club

    The Journalism Club, or J-Club, offers students an opportunity to publish short stories, poems, other creative writing pieces and artwork in the HI-Story literary magazine. Also, students publish original photography, write articles, conduct interviews, work on editing and layout and produce the quality HI Bear Nation newspaper. Faculty advisors: Maureen Danzig, Eileen Thurmond and Kathy Yukishige.
  • Math Counts

    Promotes Middle School mathematics achievement. This national club and competition is a program for all students who enjoy challenging mathematics problems. Faculty advisor: Jeri Waken.
  • MS Service Club

    Offers 6-8th-grade students an opportunity to engage in hands-on service projects that support our school as well as local and global communities. Faculty advisors: Nicole Hopkins and Chaplain David Wagner.
  • MS Shepherds

    8th-grade students volunteer to spend a weekly lunch and recess break socializing with Primary School students. Faculty advisors: Theresa Jespersen and Anne Jackson
  • Praise Team

    Students assist the Chaplain and serve as worship leaders in Chapel services. Contact: Chaplain Wagner
  • Puzzle Club

    Students are challenged by a cornucopia of all sorts of puzzles designed to test ingenuity and knowledge.
  • STEAM Club

    Students learn about science in a hands-on club that blends the best of scientific competition with student-driven interests. Faculty advisors: Janet Silvera, James Jackson
  • Student Council

    Offers a leadership opportunity for students oriented toward service to the school and the community. Faculty advisors: Tisha Lanier and Marley Bowen
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