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Crimson and Gold

Our primary purpose is to:

  • Promote and encourage the athletic objectives of Holy Innocents' organized team sports
  • Foster and encourage school spirit and enthusiasm
  • Raise funds which enhance our athletic programs with equipment, facilities and services

Over the past year, Crimson and Gold has supported all sports teams, with funding for:

  • All-School BBQ
  • Middle school leadership program
  • Concussion protocol training
  • Speaker system in the girl’s locker room
  • Student playoff tickets
  • New gym runners and chairs
  • Camera for Baker Field
  • Chocolate milk all year for all athletes
  • Spirit signage for playoff teams
  • Balloons and helium for all sports all year
  • Three season athlete t-shirts and luncheon
  • Coaches appreciation luncheon
  • Spirit app and giveaways
  • Football – leadership retreat, two-man sled, SUV TV for the second round of the playoffs
  • Cross-country – new tent, funds for XC trail, and bus to the state meet
  • Softball – catcher’s equipment, go pro camera, playoff tickets for students
  • Cheerleading - new poms and signs
  • Volleyball – net sleeve, teacher and student playoff tickets
  • Basketball – travel expenses, media package, playoff tickets for students
  • Wrestling – 60 new headgear sets for middle and upper school
  • Swimming – swim cover-ups, flags, banners
  • Baseball – replacement of bases and all field tarps
  • Soccer – uniforms, new coach uniforms, soccer balls and pop-up goals
  • Lacrosse – sideline jackets, leadership program activities and travel expenses
  • Track – record board
  • Golf – golf equipment
  • Drumline – instruments and equipment
  • Tennis – new banner

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crimson and gold

The Crimson and Gold (HIES Athletic Association) is an organization whose purpose is to support the athletic programs offered at HIES. This organization, run by parent volunteers, uses your financial contributions to supplement and enhance All athletic programs by providing equipment, great facilities, and other services necessary to promote the objectives of organized team sports. Your Crimson and Gold contributions are far-reaching and provide support to all athletic activities at HIES.
Your Crimson and Gold support provide the “extras” that help make the difference in having a successful sports program. Last year, Crimson and Gold contributed more than $100,000 to ALL sports programs, benefiting every student-athlete.

Our main fundraising projects include:

  • The Crimson and Gold Sports Program
  • The Crimson and Gold Club
  • The Holy Innocents’ Annual Golf Classic

Bill Ponder

President Ex-Officio
Elizabeth Nichols

Brad Payne

Stephanie Langford

Athletic Director
Tony Watkins

Program Director
Barbara O'Connor

Member at Large
Mark Goldberg