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Service, Clubs and Leadership

An Education of the Mind — and the Heart

Service is an integral part of the HIES experience. In our worship, in our study, in our activities, we're always led back to the idea of neighbor. Service is part of our HIES mission, but even more it is a part of us, all of us – students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. Our service takes many forms: environmental projects; tutoring and assisting underprivileged students; volunteering at local hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics; traveling on overseas mission trips; and more. Across the city, across the world, we are changing lives. And as we do, in deep and lasting ways, we are being changed, too.

Community service is more than a graduation requirement at HIES. At HIES we believe you are never too young to make a difference in your community and the world.

Primary School

Primary School children participate in monthly service projects that are age appropriate and are easily understood by our students. These projects are discussed in the classrooms and during weekly chapel services. And students will travel off campus for community service activities in Kindergarten.

Lower School

Lower School service learning includes classroom service activities as well as group experiences giving the students opportunities to serve others in the community. Corporate relationships include the Shepherd Center, Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Community Action Center.

Middle School

Service Learning begins in the Middle School with a class in the sixth grade. Eighth graders are required to complete five hours of community service during the year.

Upper School

By exposing our students in the Upper School to required community service hours each year, it is our hope that they will carry these experiences beyond HIES and see service to others as a key part of their personal development and identity. It is a graduation requirement that students complete 15 hours of community service per year while in attendance at HIES. The Director of Community Service will make service opportunities known throughout the school year. Students in long-term service relationships may appeal to Director of Community Service for satisfaction of the annual requirement. Supplemental community service expectations as required by the National Honor Society or other clubs, classes and organizations are in addition to the basic HIES graduation requirement.


Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life at HIES. They exist to provide students with opportunities to continue their educations outside of the classroom. Involvement in organizations is a great way to enhance social skills, problem-solving, leadership qualities, and other important life skills. Leaders of clubs and organizations play an important role in helping students build relationships and strengthen their connection to the entire HIES community.

HIES clubs must have written statements of purpose on file with the director of student activities. Clubs must comply with all school policies and procedures, including those outlined in the HIES Student Handbook. HIES clubs and organizations are classified in the following categories:

  • Academic or Department-affiliated: Activities and membership center on a particular area of academic study. A school department may sponsor the club or organization.
  • Special Interest: Activities and membership focus on special interest, whether cultural, social, political, etc.
  • Honor, Leadership, and Service: Activities revolve around volunteering and/or service.
  • Mentoring Groups: Activities and membership focus on shared experiences.

We have more than 60 clubs and organizations for Upper School students that include a wide range of interests, from astronomy to knitting, robotics to trivia, Model UN to Film/Movie Club. Middle School students also have a variety of oppotunities to build community around common interest, whether that be Lego, puzzles, math, ping pong, mindful living or art (to name just a few!).