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Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program

In 2008, the Georgia State Assembly established the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program, which allows taxpayers to redirect their Georgia state taxes to an approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) for the purpose of providing financial aid to qualified students.

Holy Innocents’ partners with Georgia GOAL, an SSO that supports independent schools across Georgia, to administer our Tax Credit Program. Since 2010, the HIES community has donated over $9 million in funding for financial aid, allowing the school to accept dozens of excellent students who may not otherwise be able to afford HIES tuition. Thank you to all those who have participated! 

Please note that the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program provides an opportunity for participants to redirect tax liability already owed to the State of Georgia to a restricted priority (financial aid) at a favorite independent school. Participation in the program, therefore, is not related to participation in the Golden Bear Annual Fund.

For any questions about the Tax Credit Program, please contact Amy Hogan at (404) 303-2150 ext. 108 or