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Tax Credit Program - Available for 2022

What is the tax credit scholarship?

To improve educational opportunity, Georgia provides $100 million in tax credits to individuals, trusts, and corporations who want to provide financial aid to students entering private schools. Taxpayers can redirect their tax to Holy Innocents' Episcopal School and receive a 100% credit against their Georgia tax. HIES can then provide financial aid to students who demonstrate need. The scholarships are currently limited to $10,957 per year and funds are escrowed against the future needs of each scholarship recipient. 

How do the tax credits benefit Holy Innocents'?

Your redirected tax dollars are an integral component of the HIES budget. Your taxes fund HIES financial aid and allow us to admit talented kids who could not attend without aid. We have invigorated the student body using tax-credit scholarships. These funds relieve our financial aid budget and free money to meet the needs of current families and our teachers.

Your redirected tax dollars also reduce the financial aid demand on the budget. This makes more money available for academics, arts, and athletics while we still get to welcome great new students and families who increase the vitality of our school.

How does this program benefit me?

You have the satisfaction of providing an opportunity to a talented child who wants to be a Golden Bear. You control where your tax money is spent by directing your Georgia tax to your child’s school. You provide opportunity and enrich the environment surrounding your child. 

How does this program work?

First come, first served! The $100 million dollar 2022 budget will become available January 1, 2022. All private schools compete for this money. Please help Holy Innocents’ claim a share by applying today. 

When should I apply?

HIES uses the Apogee Student Scholarship organization for processing our application. The sooner the better as pre-applications are being accepted now for the 2022 tax year.

How can I participate?

Over 285 people from the HIES community applied for the 2021 tax credit scholarship, one of our highest participation yet. We raised over $900,000 last year. Apply at

Please contact us with questions. FAQs are addressed at

Mary Chris Williams
HIES Development
404-303-2150, ext. 107

Cadie Lee Eure
Apogee Scholarship Fund




The Tax Credit program funds only financial aid. Our operating budget depends on the Annual Fund.


Thanks to the support of over 285 families, HIES was able to provide 56 students with financial aid this past school year.

You should apply as soon as possible to participate in 2022. Please apply at

Payment will be due 60 days after approval, and your tax credit will apply to your 2022 taxes.

For every tax dollar, you redirect to HIES you get a 100% reduction of your Georgia tax. You either pay the state or HIES!

For people subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), you get a charitable deduction that reduces your federal tax. You may reduce your total tax and help HIES.


  • $2,500 married filing jointly
  • $1,000 filing
  • $10,000 LLCs, Partnerships & S-Corps
  • 75% of tax for C-Corps & Trusts 

Please consider applying immediately for 2022 if you have not already done so.